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Birdwatching in Israel:  Up and Down the Flyway

Israel’s location on the only landbridge between Africa, Europe and Asia makes it the major migration flyway between the continents. Israel’s varied habitats, including the snowcapped Mt. Hermon, arid deserts, semitropical valleys and fertile plains, make the country attractive to a diverse selection of birds, whether as year-round residents or seasonal visitors. [Full article...]
By: Leiah Elbaum
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Events and Activities Ideas:  Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel Founded - June 8, 1954

If one were to remove the political and religious tensions that make up the day-to-day reality of Israel and look purely at the land, one would find an extremely beautiful nation. Israel is a nation with a rich mix of landscapes, environmental regions and unique species of plants and animals. For all this beauty and distinctiveness, there needs to be a guardian, and that organization is the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI). [Full article...]
By: 12th House 
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