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Shapiro, Andrei

Andre was born in Russia and was a Shalem Center fellow in 1999 - 2000. He has an MA in Philosophy from Hebrew University and works at the International School for
Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem.

A Critical Event :  Babi Yar
This article is in memory of the tragedy which occurred in Kiev on the 29th and 30th of September in 1941. During those days almost the entire remaining Jewish population in Kiev, which was not evacuated from the city, was destroyed by the Nazis and their collaborators. [Full article...]

A Singular Event in Jewish History:  Kishinev Pogrom
Shapiro argues convincingly that, contrary to popular opinion, 'the Kishinev pogrom is not just another tragic event in the history of the persecution of the Jews... but an officially planned action.' [Full article...]
Jews Around the World

Impressions and Reflections from the January Seminars in Kiev and Moscow:  Jewish Atlantis
The history and impact of the Holocaust in the Former Soviet Union has been largely ignored. Andrei Shapiro discusses the ramifications of this and an educational initiative working to create change. [Full article...]
Jews Around the World

Remembering and Remembrance :  The Future of the Holocaust
As Holocaust survivors are dying out, the question of how to understand and imagine an event which is beyond understanding and beyond imagining becomes a more relevant issue. Andrei Shapiro explains. [Full article...]
Judaism > Jewish Identity

Early Thinking, Current Influence.:  Jabotinsky's Prophecy
Jabotinsky, one of early Zionism's more prolific thinkers, continues to strongly influence Israeli political discourse. Through an exploration of his views, Andrei Shapiro examines why, to this day, Jabotinsky still provokes such heated debate. [Full article...]
People > 1860-1948: Early Zionist Age

Jewish People:  Marx on the Jewish Question
Andre Shapiro's latest offering reflects on Karl Marx's opinions on the Jewish Question and highlights the relevance and value of Marx's views today. [Full article...]
People > 1789-1860: Haskala (Emancipation)

Herzl's Nationhood and Judaism :  The Flight From Negation
Andrei Shapiro critiques the address given by Herzl entitled 'Judaism', and claims that even though the great Zionist leader succeeded in creating a different reality for the Jewish people, he had no clear idea of the positive side of Jewishness. [Full article...]
Jewish History > 1860-1948: Early Zionist Age
People > 1860-1948: Early Zionist Age