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Places of Israel:  The Enigma of Masada

For years, Massada has served the State of Israel as a sombre symbol of perseverance and heroism. Towering 450 metres above the south-western rim of the Dead Sea, the flat-topped limestone mountain offers a spectacular piece of real estate that has drawn kings and conquerors, idealists, dreamers, and people on the run. The two most obvious historical associations still in evidence today -- are those of King Herod I and the Sicari. [Full article...]
By: Mordechai Beck
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Jewish History > 0070 - 0600: Talmudic Age

Events and Activities Ideas:  Masada Falls to Romans - April 73 (CE)

For anyone who has traveled to Israel, it is likely that they have visited the ancient fortress of Masada. Rising above the shores of the Dead Sea and situated over an isolated rock cliff, this ancient fortress is a testament to the determination of those who fought and perished there. [Full article...]
By: 12th House 
Jewish History > 0070 - 0600: Talmudic Age

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