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Doing Zionism

"and…you will tell your children"

The day, a special one in Costa Rican Community life, was transformed into a commemoration event for Shoah survivors.

On-Your-Way-Home Meeting with Martin Krasnik

An interesting and enlightening talk about Muslim fundamentalism was given by a journalist who had just returned from a trip to several Muslim countries.

The Danish Zionist Federation watches "Munich"

Some 100 persons came together to watch Steven Spielberg new movie.

A demonstration in front of the Iranian Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela

Among the more than 500 persons participating were young adults, survivors of the Shoah, community leaders and members of the local Jewish community.

American Zionist Movement "Doing Zionism"

Following are some of the highlights for the first half of 2006:

Uruguayan Zionist Authorities In The TV Program “Con Mucho Gusto”

The President of the Zionist Organization of Uruguay, Dr. Gerardo Stuczynski, and the President of Honor of the Organization, Mr. Bernardo Olesker, were invited to the well known TV program “Con Mucho Gusto” on Channel 10, as its host, Jerusalem Prize 2005, Sergio Puglia’s special guests.

Zionist Caravan at Youth Movement's Winter Camps

The Department for Zionist Activities, along with the Department for Jewish-Zionist Education and the Zionist Federations in France, Italy and Belgium, organized a mini-caravan in the French and Swiss Alps.

Zionist Federation of Sweden Partners in Chanukah Caravan

For the sixth consecutive year, Bnai Akiva Scandinavia held its Chanukah Caravan – this year in cooperation with the ZF of Sweden.

Yet Another Super Israel Advocacy Seminar

Following the success of the Israel Advocacy seminar of December 2004, the Department for Zionist Activities organised another advocacy seminar for activists from English Speaking countries.

L. to R: Maestro Sebastian, sculptor; Israeli Ambassador in Mexico, Mr. David Daddon; Mr. Speckman, President of Comite Central of the Jewish Community of Mexico; Dr. Hugo Yoffe, President of the Mexican Zionist Federation. Jerusalem Prize in Mexico

The coveted Jerusalem Prize was presented to the well-known Mexican sculptor Sebastian.

Prof. Israeli on Swedish radio The Department for Zionist Activities Scholar in Residence Program

Prof. Israel, from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, informs and inspires in Sweden, Denmark and Holland.

The Canadian Zionist Federation, Eastern Region Commemorates Yom Rabin

The entire community participated in the 10th Annual Commemoration Ceremony in memory of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Z”L on Monday.

(right to left): Lucille Cohen, Manchester Zionist Central Council president; Joy Wolfe, ZCC Hon. Life President and its Media Response group co-ordinator; Danny Shek, director of BICOM; Doreen Gerson, director, Israel Information Centre Stand Up With Israel - Presented by the Manchester Zionist Central Council

Following on from the first seminar featuring former Israeli embassy spokesman, Gal Allon, the second in a new hasbara series in South Manchester featured Danny Shek, BICOM director.


The South African Zionist Federation, together with the Israel Centre, Habonim, Bnei Akiva, Betar and Netzer, and in association with the JNF, WZO and the IUA-UCF, hosted a solemn and dignified 10th Memorial Tribute to Yitzhak Rabin.

Collegians ‘do the write thing’ at General Assembly

Some 35 aspiring journalists from 33 universities, most of whom work on their school newspapers, have been selected to participate in the 16th annual Do the Write Thing program at the General Assembly of the United Jewish Communities (GA) in Toronto.


Mizrachi, the religious Zionist organisation, held its first ‘Shabbat Aliyah’ last weekend with one of Israel’s leading educators.

Picture (left to right): Dani Milad, KKL; Priest; Alexander Ben Zvi, Israeli Ambassador to Costa Rica; Priest; Priest; Lic. Roberto Tovar Faja, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica; Monseñor Oswaldo Padillo; Representative of the Vatican City in Costa Rica; Priest; Priest; Rabbi Gershon Miletski, Head Rabbi of the Jewish Orthodox Community of Costa Rica;  Ing. Gustavo Prifer, President of the Board of the Jewish Community of Costa Rica; Priest. The Zionist Organization in Costa Rica Hosts an Interfaith Event

The Orthodox Jewish Community of Costa Rica had the pleasure of the first visit to our Synagogue “Shaarei Tzion” of the high hierarchy of the Catholic Church, the Representative of the Vatican to Costa Rica Monseñor Oswaldo Padilla, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica, Lic. Roberto Tovar Faja, along with personalities of the Costa Rican Government.

Zionist Federation of Denmark Remembers Kristallnacht

Several hundred people marched in Copenhagen on Wednesday to mark the 67th anniversary of the German pogrom known as “Kristallnacht” or “Night of Broken Glass.”

Zionist Federation of Chile Opposes Anti Israel Declarations from Iran

Chile repudió las declaraciones del presidente de Irán con una manifestación frente a la Embajada de irán.

The Zionist Federation of Denmark Organizes Demonstration "Iran Out of the UN"

With very short notice more than 100 people arrived at the site of the Iranian Embassy to protest against the statement made by the newly elected president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Israel should be "wiped out from the map," insisting that a new series of attacks will destroy the Jewish state, and lashing out at Muslim countries and leaders that acknowledge Israel.


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