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The delightful and enchanting MISGAV DANCE TROUPE set the scene for the 2004 Israel Festival which is being hosted this year by the South African Zionist Federation.

Cultural Encounter between Chile and Israel

More than 500 people participated in the cultural happening organized by the Zionist Federation of Chile.

Jewish Memorial in Paris 21-28 July - Hashomer Hatzair Seminar Hadracha in France

A group of 10 kids travelled to France, with one madrich. The week was a basic hadracha course, with tzofiut and other activities.

Herzl Exhibition Part of Birthright Tour

During their tour of Israel, eighty young people from Mexico visited "Herzl: Up Close and Personal", the traveling exhibition produced by the Department for Zionist Activities.

"War Against Terrorism"

The Zionist Organization of Argentina hosts Eli Gambash, the representative of the Israeli Army in Chile, in charge of defense matters.

The Zionist Organization of Argentina Bids Farewell to Ambassador Benjamin Oron

One hundred people came to say good bye to the Israeli Ambassador to Argentina and to salute him on a job well done as he concludes his term of office.

13-22 July - Birthright Trip to Israel

Free 10 day trip to Israel for Jewish Youth between ages 18-26.

8-17 July - Jewish Youth Nomad Camp

Between 8-17 July the Jewish Youth Nomad Camp was again a big success! The camp was in Kistolmács, Hungary. We will meet again, next year!

The Herzl Traveling Exhibit in Russian Was Unveiled by The Zionist Organization of Ukraine

The Extended Annual Meeting of the Zionist Organization of Ukraine (ZFU) together with the Va'ad of Ukraine, attended by more than 120 representatives from all parts of the region, enthusiastically viewed the exhibit and learned about Herzl and Zionism.

The Zionist Organisation in Germany Commemorates the 100th Anniversary of Dr. Theodor Herzl’s Death.

A large crowd, including the Russian speaking community, attended the special event in Munich, which not only marked the centenary of Herzl's passing but also awarded the Jerusalem prize to a most worthy honouree.

Opening Activity in Honor of One Hundred Years of Herzl in Argentina

The Zionist Organization of Argentina (OSA) together with AMIA commemorate the centenary of Herzl's passing - exactly 100 years to the day.

David Broza in concert Zionist Federation of Great Britain brings Israel to London

More than seven hundred people came together to listen to and be entirely won over by the Israeli Singer David Broza.

Two Weeks of Herzl with the Zionist Organization of Germany

"'If you will it, it shall not remain a dream' – 100 years since Herzl's death", was the theme of lectures, films and songs which highlighted the summer for many in Berlin.

Zionist Federation of Great Britain Hosts the 2nd Annual 'Buy an Israeli Home' Show

Organizers were delighted with the almost 1,000 people attendance at the event at the Hendon Hall Hotel, while the exhibitors were pleased with the response from potential buyers.

Kidma Birthday Party at Café Intenzo 19 June - Kidma 5th birthday party and closing party

As our Zionist youth organization "Kidma" turned five years old it was a time for socializing! In the Intenso Café the Kosher Szilva Klezmer Band and the NaNaMa Show Band was on stage then there was disco later on. There was an all you can eat buffet and BBQ. Kosher food was also available.

18 June - Hashomer Hatzair’s closing party

Closing ceremony of the Shomer House, Pávatoll Award giving, karaoke, performances, games, arts and crafts, movies, Shomer Film 2004, Shomer resistance art movie, etc.

Canadian Zionist Federation's Annual "Israel Day" Festival 2004

The 2004 9th annual Israel day festival was held at Mel Lastman Square, North York Civic Centre, Toronto under the patronage of the Consul General of Israel.

From left: Eng. Manuel Junowicz, President OSA; Benny Schneid, Director OSA; Pilar Rahola; Herberto Veiswein, Vice President Keren Hayesod in Argentina The Terrorist Threat and the New European Anti-Semitic / Anti-Israel Trend

Zionist Organization of Argentina (OSA) hosted Pilar Rahola, famous Spanish journalist and politician for an enlightening and inspirational conference.

Interesting Facts about Israel

Israel, the 100th smallest country, with less than 1/1000th of the world's population, can lay claim to the following:

Steering Committee members visit old Peki'in near Kfar Vradim The Zionist Federation of Belgium / Kfar Vradim – Partnership 2000

The spring session of the joint Steering Committee of Kfar Vradim (Israel) and the Belgian Jewish community recently took place, as part of the Jewish Agency's Partnership 2000 project.


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