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Zionist Federation of Australia Celebrates Yom Yerushalayim

The 40th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem has been celebrated with much zest and fervour across Australia. Specifically, various functions held by the State Zionist Councils elicited good turnouts and great festivities.

Western Province Zionist Council Awards Jerusalem Prize

Izzy Wolman and Queenie Sacks were recipients of the Jerusalem Prize awarded in Capetown, South Africa.

Zionist Federation Participates in Jerusalem Day Celebrations

An evening of remembrance and joy was held in the Jewish Community Hall of Stockholm to mark Yom Yerusalayim.

South African Zionist Federation Celebrates Yom Yerusalayim

A capacity crowd of over 300 people packed the Sandton Shul hall to enjoy the Yom Yerushalayim festivities, presented jointly for the first time by the South African Zionist Federation and Mizrachi SA.

American Zionist Movement Marches in Salute to Israel 2007

Thirteen active duty Israeli soldiers were present on the float sponsored by the AZM and Jewish Agency.

Zionist Federation of Costa Rica Celebrates Independence Day

Approximately 400 people were in attendance at the joyous celebrations.

Israel Week 2007 Full of Zionist Activities in Aukland

The full week program in Auckland and expanded program in Wellington drew well over 1000 people across all events.

Memorial Day Sirens Heard Simultaneously in Jerusalem and Brussels

Under the patronage of the Zionist Federation of Belgium, Israel Memorial Day was commemorated, for the first time by the entire Jewish community of Belgium.

South Africa Zionist Federation Programs for Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaut

Three varied programs marked this year's commemoration activities for Memorial Day and Independence Day, included a presentation of Marlyn Butchins Dizengoff Quilt Memorial Project.

The Zionist Federation of Holland Commemorates Yom Hazikaron

Approximately 800-1,000 participants remember Holocaust victims in a moving ceremony.

Cionist Szeder-"Zionist Seder"

The Passover seder was well-attended this year.


This year over 1,500 mishloach manot were distributed to IDF soldiers and children in the north of Israel thanks to the American Zionist Movement's "Purim Connection," AZM officials announced today.

Left to right: Mr. Bielski; Ms. Balcombe; Mr. Balcombe; Ms. Lipstadt Sixth Annual Dinner of the Zionist Federation (ZF) of Great Britain and Ireland

After a wonderful reception, more than 650 people sat down to dinner in the magnificent Ballroom, hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Cohen O.B.E., at the Inter continental Hotel in London's Park Lane.

Greater Manchester, Zionist Central Council (ZCC) Joins Lobbying at Parliament

Several Executive members represented the Manchester ZCC at the Zionist Federation (ZF) lobbying of parliament at the Houses of Parliament in London when Karnit Goldwasser addressed a capacity audience of ZF and Christian Friends of Israel members and supporters.

Jews and Christians Come Together To Lobby Parliament in London

The Zionist Federation (ZF) along with its partners Christian Friends of Israel held a very successful Lobby of Parliament in support of Israel.

Mr. Mannheimer (left) shares his personal experience as an inmate in Dachau European Gathering of Heads of Zionist Federations Together with Representatives of Dor Hemshech

The Heads of 13 European Zionist Federations and 11 young leadership representatives gathered in Munich, Germany to deal with pertinent Zionist issues and challenges facing the Zionist Movement in Europe today.

B'nai Akiva and Hashomer Hatzair Representatives Visit the Finish Embassy in Austria

A delegation of young people, under to auspices of the Zionist Federation of Austria, present a petition to the EU Presidency calling for the release of Israeli captured soldiers.

Caravan Chanukka in Scandinavia

Bnei Akiva in cooperation with the Zionist Federation in Sweden and the Center for Jewish Services in the Diaspora brings Chanukah to Scandinavia

“Fall in Love with Israel” Festival in New York City

Nearly 3,000 people participated in the event initiated by the Israel Aliyah Center with the cooperation of the American Zionist Movement and MASA.

London's Israel Expo 2006 hosts record number of attendees

Over 8,000 people attended the Israeli Expo here on Sunday. Organized by the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland (ZF), it catered to all and exhibited a wide range of Israeli goods and brands with a special emphasis on traders from northern Israel.


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