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The Zionist Federation of Holland Commemorates Yom Rabin

Close to 100 people attended the program organized by three youth groups.


Eastern Region of the Canadian Zionist Federation is scheduled to hold the Rabin Memorial on Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 8:00 p.m. The Memorial is a community-wide program and will be held at the Oscar Peterson Hall, a concert hall affiliated with Concordia University.

Masada College, Sydney Visits Herzl Display

Year 10 students at Sydney’s Masada College experienced the Theodor Herzl exhibition set up in the school’s Teperson Hall.

Herzl Art Exhibition in Mexico City

Photography, sculpture, painting and the Herzl traveling exhibition are viewed at the opening of the art exhibition presented by the Zionist Federation of Mexico held in the Jewish Sport Center. More than 50 young Jewish artists from Mexico City show their work at the exhibition organized on the 100 year anniversary of Herzl's passing.

October 21-26: Herzl trip and educational training

The project of Kidma, Zionist Federation will hopefully be joined by other Jewish Organizations… The route is: Budapest – Vienna – Paris – Basel /– Israel?/

Downer to Accept Jerusalem Prize awarded by The Zionist Federation of Australia

Current Foreign Minister Alexander Downer will attend the State Zionist Council of Victoria’s Annual Assembly to accept the esteemed Jerusalem Prize, awarded to the Minister for his outstanding support and service to the community.

L to R: Avrom Krengel - Chairman SAZF; Ori Dittrich; Michael Mensky - Chief Judge; Marcia Parness - Senior Vice - Chairman SAZF and coordinator of the quiz. Ori Dittrick - Winner of the Zionist Quiz in South Africa

The SA Zionist Federation & The Israel Centre introduced the new concept of a Zionist Quiz in South Africa for students in grades 10 and 11.

Ms. Levana Finkelstein with Moshe Sharet (JAFI representative to Bulgaria) Herzl Traveling Exhibit in Bulgaria

The Great Synagogue of Sofia was the site of the festive opening in Bulgaria of the exhibition commemorating 100 years since Herzl's passing.

The Herzl Exhibition, Produced by the Department for Zionist Activities, Opens in Vienna

The event was organized by the Zionist Federation in Austria, the Israeli Embassy and the newspaper "Neue Illustrierte Welt", formerly known as "Neue Welt" – the newspaper which was founded by Theodor Herzl in 1897.

Supporting Alía and Educational Programs in Mexico

The Mexican Zionist Federation working together with the Alia Department of the Jewish Agency participated at the Annual Congress of Looking for Your Future. The all day conference helps high school graduates find a suitable university in Mexico City or around the world.

Official Opening of the Herzl Exhibit in South Africa

Theodor Herzl entered the hearts of the 150 people who came to see the exhibit for the first time and bid farewell to Chief Rabbi and Mrs. Harris.

10 October 2004: WIZO Fundraising Evening

WIZO Hungary will organize an event for the benefit of the Jewish Community on 10 October at the Goldmark Hall in Budapest. Contributors to the show include Magda Auth, Eszter Biró, Ilona Béres and György Kézdy.

The Zionist Organization of Argentina Presents: "ISRAEL, A CIEN AÑOS DE HERZL".

"Israel, One Hundred Years after Herzl" thrills and inspires audience.

Yom Israel in Uruguay

More than 3,000 people of all ages gathered for the activity, which took place in the Country of Hebraica, situated on the outskirts of Montevideo.

The Herzl Exhibit in Israel

Since October the Herzl traveling exhibit, produced by the Department for Zionist Activities, has been seen by thousands at schools, seminars, and public events to rave reviews.

Mr. Yaron Traub, conductor  with The Duesseldorf Symphonic Orchestra  ZION in Duesseldorf

The Zionist Organisation of Germany pays homage to 100 years since the passing of Theodor Herzl

"Why is Israel Loosing the (Media) Battle?"

The Israel Connect Group of the Zionist Federation of Denmark (DZF) discussed this issue with parliamentarians and journalists.

CZF Central Region Hebrew Language Studies

Beginning September 20, 2004 another year of Hebrew classes resumes in Toronto.

Zionist Federation of Belgium Sends One Thousand Schoolbags and Calculators to Israel

The students from Beit Zipporah School in Kiryat Malachi start the school year well prepared thanks to the Jewish community in Belgium

Tzofiyut: Israeli Scouting Experience Sponsored by the American Zionist Movement, Greater Hartford Region and Young Judaea

Are you looking for an activity in which your children (grades 3 to 5) can connect with their Jewish identity in an informal and entertaining way, while at the same time learn about nature, responsibility, leadership and community?


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