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Pro-Israel Activism on the Durban Review Conference - April 2009

April 21, 2009
Please use these reputable resources as your springboard for further discussion, activism and distribution.

Staying away - Israel, USA, Canada, Italy, Australia, Holland, Germany, New Zealand, Poland;
In - UK - low level delegation; Sweden - low level delegation.
But Switzerland's President went ahead with his planned meeting with Iranian President Ahmadinejad ahead of the Conference, affording an official sanction that went far beyond a welcome. In response, Israel recalled its Ambassador to Switzerland, for consultations.
Response: Walk-outs - EU countries walked out during Ahmadinejad's opening speech.

On standby and/or participating as NGOs:
A coalition of major Israeli and Jewish organizations, from students through professionals and lay leaders.

Below please find:
Major reputable websites and interactive web platforms for: activism, news/blogs/reports/videos, background, response & resources features.

The Department for Zionist Activities,
The World Zionist Organization,

1. Durban Review

[International interactive website for activist reports]

Website Updates

Countries not participating:

Walkout in response to Ahmadinejad's speech
BBC Video:

Australia boycotts Durban II:

2. DRC

International Coalition and dedicated website for Jewish and Israeli organizations, NGOs

Request for information on anti-Israel activities planned by NGOs

The Durban Review Conference is underway here in Geneva. We will be posting daily updates on this web platform at, so we invite you to check in regularly. Please review our Resources to find articles about the Iranian President's participation, official withdrawals, and developments from the last PrepComm, as well as logistical information, events, and talking points for the media.

We have been drafting a global table to map information on planned anti-Israel activities by NGOs, in or around Geneva, before and during the Durban Review Conference to help us assess how to respond most effectively. We would very much appreciate any information you may have on NGOs in your country or region .

We would also ask that you pass this request on to your constituents. The more information we have, including referrals to relevant websites and documents, the more successful our efforts will be in meeting the challenges posed by these activities
Please feel free to contact us should you have any point to clarify .

Thanks very much for your cooperation,

Peleg Reshef ([email protected])
Ariel Rodal ([email protected])

3. Israel Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA)

Video response to Durban 2
Please forward those clips to your email lists.

You can be anyone

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Human Musaic - long
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4. NGO-Monitor (JCPA)

Durban II - Background, strategy, accreditation, documents, analysis, events, articles.

Durban Review Conference Resource Guide - 60pp!!


5. Stand With Us

Posters and Flyers for activists;=42

Twitter group
Facebook group

6. A-Z of Major Jewish and Zionist Advocacy on Durban II:
Organizations, Zionist Federations, NGOs, Coalitions, Resources & Events

AZM/American Jewish Association of Lawyers and Jurists [Coalition]

Alternative "Counter" Conference in NYC: April 20 - 25 @ Fordham Law School, 140 W. 62nd Street, in Manhattan, convening for two hours each day. In addition to the speakers noted on the attached program, there will be daily live reports from Geneva, the site of the UN Durban II Review Conference, by Anne Bayefsky, Eye on the UN .

Jewish Human Rights Coalition (UK)

All UK materials on the Durban II Conference - posted as it develops on the website at ??申

Includes live blogging of the event itself. The site also has info on JHRC??申?申s delegation at the conference. More instant coverage will be on JHRC??申?申s twitter at @JHRCuk (also down the left-hand side of the website).

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)

Dedicated articles, video interviews and clips from before and during the Conference, including Ahmadinejad's speech ??申

Simon Wiesenthal Center, Europe

A recognized NGO at international agencies including the United Nations, UNESCO, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, the OAS and the Latin American Parliament.

State Zionist Council of Victoria - ZVC, ZFA

Durban Overview, sources and statements related to Australia:;=article&id;=367&Itemid;=404

On Location in Geneva; Updates, Facebook Group

Join for WUJS/EUJS Durban II Task Force updates, news reports, blogs and more.

Representatives of the WUJS delegation to the U.N. Durban Review Conference are present in Geneva and participated at the final prep com in the UN before the conference on Monday.

We attended and reported back to the Jewish organisational caucus about the Training and Orientation Seminar for Representatives of NGOs, Associations and Students, for Effective Participation in the Durban Review Conference, to Assess the Implementation of the Durban Programme of Action, 15-17 April, organised by the WILPF, the AWC and the Libyan-supported Nord/Sud 21, at the International Conference Centre.