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From Spain to Zion:  The Contribution of the Sepharadim to Zionism

There is a common misconception that Zionism is purely Ashkenazi. To learn about the Sepharadic roots of Zionism, read on…. [Full article...]
By: Solomon Gaon
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Jewish History > 1860-1948: Early Zionist Age
Jews Around the World
People > 0600 - 1789: Middle Ages
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People > 1860-1948: Early Zionist Age
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Poet, Mystic and Scholar :  Ibn Gabirol, Solomon Ben Judah

Street signs in Israel bear names of individuals, past and present, who have contributed significantly to the nation’s development. During the time of ancient Israel, leaders tended to be warriors and prophets. During the Exile, when the Jewish People were scattered around the world without a land of their own, leaders tended to be scholars, teachers and rabbis. In the 20th century, the Jewish people survived the Holocaust and established their own nation. Jewish leaders in this century have been soldiers, political leaders, academics and philanthropists. Using street signs as direction, this series will briefly introduce the leading personalities in Israeli history. [Full article...]
By: Rochelle Mass
People > 0600 - 1789: Middle Ages

Face to Face with Rambam:  Meet Maimonides - a Living Voice for The Present

Many 20th century Jewish thinkers have wrestled with the brilliance of Maimonides’ thought, but till now no one has ever dared interview the great Judeo-Spanish thinker of the 12th century. But in these days of cyberspace, anything is possible, read on…… [Full article...]
By: Shalom Rosenberg
Judaism > Cholent: Little bit O' this, Little bit O' that
People > 0600 - 1789: Middle Ages

Selections From Laws of Torah Study:  Tikkun Leil Shavuot

Moshe ben Maimon (1135-1204), otherwise known as Maimonides or, in Hebrew, as the Rambam, is one of the greatest sages of Jewish history. He was a rabbinic authority, legal codifier, philosopher, and physician. Maimonides authored many important works, including the Guide to the Perplexed, the most famous book of medieval Jewish philosophy. He also wrote what is known as the Mishneh Torah, in which he extracted from the Talmud the whole of Rabbinic law and condensed it into a clear, concise, code. The Laws of Torah Study come from the first book of that work, known as the Book of Knowledge ("Sefer Ha-mada"). [Full article...]
By: Moshe Ben (Rambam) Maimon,
Judaism > Jewish Texts
People > 0600 - 1789: Middle Ages

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