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Herzl Awards 5769 - 2009

May 4, 2009
The Herzl Award is the jewel in the crown of the Department for Zionist Activities, consisting of an inscribed bronze statuette of Herzl, accompanied by a personal certificate. Candidates are all young leaders under age 44, making an outstanding contribution in the field of Israel Advocacy, Zionism, and Israel program activism. Nominations for the Herzl Award were presented by Zionist Federations and approved by an award committee for four countries in the first half of 2009: Great Britain, Sweden, South Africa and the USA.

For Great Britain, Zionist Federation nominee David Cohen, key activist from their Israel Connect leadership development programme, will receive the Herzl Award, for his contribution to Zionist education and the Zionist movement, at the upcoming IC Seminar in Budapest, to mark Herzl Day.

In the USA, AZM nominee Debbie Isaac is this year's Herzl Award recipient, in recognition of her contribution to Zionist Education and the integration of young leadership, both within Amit and the broader Zionist movement.

The Swedish Zionist Federation nominated Torbj?¶rn Karfunkel, a dedicated Israel Advocacy activist and member of the Executive, for the Herzl Award, inter alia for public activism related to the plight of Jewish refugees from Arab countries and advocacy to the Swedish Government against the Durban Review Conference's proposed resolution document - an endeavor endorsed by 21 Swedish MPs.

In the South African Zionist Federation, the annual Herzl Award goes to the Winner of the Zionist Quiz 5769-2009, which is a community-wide marathon at regional and national levels, bringing together the Federation's leadership which creates and sponsors the quiz with schools, students and educators.

Ambassador Benny Dagen handing over the Herzl Prize to Torbjörn Karfunkel, with Michael Cohn, Chairman of the Zionit Election Committee, reading the motivation

Herzl Award, engraved

Inscription to Torbjörn Karfunkel on the Herzl Award

David Cohen receives his Herzl Award during the Israel Connect Seminar in Budapest

Debbie Isaac, AZM Awardee