New Horizons in Zionist Leadership


Eva Farkas
Ofakim Coordinator
Tel: +361 3290161
email: [email protected]

Shmuel Szteinhendler
Ofakim Coordinator
tel: +5622112611
email: [email protected]

The goal of "Ofakim" is to develop a program that will recruit existing or potential activists, aged 30-45, and involve them in a process that will give them information, tools, experience, and motivation to move into leadership roles in their local Zionist Federation or in the general Community.

The Method:

'Hands-on', 'tachlis-oriented' pilot projects will be initiated in Budapest, Marseilles-Nice, and Santiago.

The Department of Zionist Activities will supply all necessary budgets, as well as an overall program outline, pedagogical oversight, written materials translated into the local language, and a professional Jerusalem-based coordinator with proven expertise in successfully running similar programs.

The local Zionist Federation will choose a local administrative manager for the program, will set up a local Steering Committee to be chaired by the president of the Zionist Federation, but to include appropriate community (and academic) personalities. It will also seek to locate a suitable Moderator/Head of the course, who has the standing and the expertise to be the central figure in such a program: Both administrative manager and Moderator/Head will be paid at acceptable local rates.

The program will have a minimum of 20 participants, all of whom will be selected by the Steering Committee or a subcommittee appointed by it, and will be given in the local language. Lecturers and workshop leaders will be hired from local academia where appropriate, and from Israel when necessary to the Zionist/Israel emphasis of the content.


  • Sept-end of Nov/03: - all recruitment processes, the setting up and functioning of the administrative and program-related functions, the setting up and functioning of the steering committee, the finalization of all planning, and coordination between Jerusalem and the 3 pilot locations.
  • December '03: - the opening weekend of the program.
  • January-May '04: - the program proceeds on one full Sunday each month, for 5 months.
  • June '04; - one full programmatic week in Israel.

Program Components:

  1. Leadership and Management Skills
  2. Strengthening and Enriching Jewish/Zionist Identity.
  3. Selected Trends and Issues in Israel Today.
  4. Issues in Contemporary Israel-Diaspora Relations, with Emphasis on the Local Experience.
  5. 'Personal Projects' - The participants will take on from the beginning of the program a range of Zionist projects, mentored by and through the Zionist Federation (and local community where appropriate), with special help from the Department.
    Successful involvement in such projects will be a condition for participating in the programmatic week in Israel.