Zionist Federations

The Department builds the connection between Diaspora communities and Israel through the Zionist Federations in a number of ways throughout the year, including the arrangement of reciprocal visits, the promotion of the Hebrew language, and the organization of Israel film festivals, food fairs, etc.

The Zionist Federations are charged with implementing the agenda of the World Zionist Organization. The official mandate of the Zionist Federations was determined by the 34th Zionist Congress, June 2002, as follows:

  • Aliyah
  • The Israel Experience
  • Zionist Education
  • Hebrew Education
  • Israel Advocacy
  • Shaping Israel
  • Cultural Nationalism

More information

Argentina Argentina
Organización Sionista Argentina

Australia Australia
Zionist Federation of Australia

Austria Austria
Zionist Federation of Austria

Belgium Belgium
Zionist Federation of Belgium

Brazil Brazil
Federacao Sionista do Brasil

Bulgaria Bulgaria
Zionist Federation of Bulgaria

Canada Canada
Canadian Zionist Federation

Chile Chile
Federación Sionista de Chile

Costa Rica Costa Rica
Centro Israelita Sionista De Costa Rica

Denmark Denmark
Dansk Zionistforbund

España España
Federación Sionista de España

France France
Federation Sioniste de France

Germany Germany
Zionistische Organisation in Germany

Greece Greece
Zionist Federation of Greece

Holland Holland
Federatie Nederlandse Zionisten

Hungary Hungary
Zionist Federation of Hungary

Italy Italy
Zionist Federation of Italy

Mexico Mexico
Consejo Sionista de Mexico

New Zealand New Zealand
Zionist Federation of New Zealand

Peru Peru
Federación Sionista De Peru

Romania Romania
Rumanian Zionist Association

Russian Federation Russian Federation
Zionist Federation of Russia "Moria"

South Africa South Africa
South African Zionist Federation

Sweden Sweden
Zionist Federation of Sweden

Switzerland Switzerland
Swiss Zionist Federation

Ukraine Ukraine
Zionist Fed. of Ukraine

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Mizrachi Federation
Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland

United States of America United States of America
American Zionist Movement

Uruguay Uruguay
Organización Sionista Uruguaya

Venezuela Venezuela
Federación Sionista de Venezuela