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Dany Bahar was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. After college he immigrated to Israel were he worked, served in the IDF and obtained an MA in Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Currently Dany is studying a Master's degree in Economic Development at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, in Cambridge, MA (USA).

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Opinion:  Netanyahu’s Dilemma : Peace or Economy?
Prime Minister Netanyahu has stated on more than one occasion that the priority for his government in the Palestinian issue is economic development in the occupied territories, and only after, negotiations for a final status and the creation of a Palestinian state. Half the idea is not outlandish. However, the major problem of Israeli government’s plan is that they ignore the fact that these two things (economic development and the road to Palestinian sovereignty) are not mutually exclusive. Moreover, it is possible that the two are tied hand in hand. [Full article...]
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